Skyfall (James Bond) ***

Entretenida entrega de la marca James Bond. Si bien, no se hace pesada a pesar de su larga duración, hay numerosos altibajos en su desarrollo.

James Bond vuelve por sus fueros. Daniel Craig re-interpreta al agente secreto más famoso de la historia del cine, en este caso ofreciendo la imagen de un 007 más veterano.

La estructura del film es reiterativa y respetuosa con sus antecesoras, regalándonos una escena de acción en los primeros compases, presentando el problema y resolviéndolo de la forma más elegante posible. Yendo a destacar las partes que resaltan a "Skyfall" con hechos relevantes, podemos decir que nos ofrecen una visión un poco más clásica, pasando por alto el momento "juguetes" tan característico. De hecho, utilizan los momentos "Bond" de toda la vida para transmitir una sombra de humor negro, en la mayoría de los casos, que el espectador absorbe con gratitud.

En cuanto a la historia, no nos ofrece tanta acción como "Casino Royale" o "Muere otro día", pero por contra obtenemos más material en materia de conocimiento de la saga, así como la evolución de algunos de sus personajes secundarios. Trata de volver al Bond de antaño, en la mayoría de sus partes. A título personal pensamos que la trama propia de esta sola película no está a la altura de la trama general de James Bond, me explico, es interesante descubrir Skyfall, algo que a priori no conocíamos, así como comprobar que el agente se hace mayor, pero en lo referente al malo de esta cinta y la misión que genera, encontramos un claro desfallecimiento. Y voy parrafo aparte.

La mejor escena de la película, incluso una de las mejores que recordamos, es sin duda la aparición estelar de Javier Bardem en el papel de malo psicótico, que navega entre la gestualidad facial del Joker de Heath Ledger y la mirada e instinto del mítico Hannibal Lecter. Una de las pocas escenas largas, y siguiendo con el humor negro que comentábamos, a Bardem no le hace falta texto para sentenciar una escena provocando los vítores de los más fanáticos. Pudimos contar hasta tres o cuatro momentos de jolgorio en esa única escena, y lo afirmo diciendo que los consigue porque es una estrella de esto.

Teniendo en cuenta que para nosotros el clímax llega en esa parte de la película, todo lo que le sigue es peor. Así como un final de esos en los que uno termina por tirarse de los pelos con el típico "Pero no lo dejes así...Mátalo ya, mátalo ya".

No terminamos esta crítica sin volver a lo de Heath Ledger, y la gran cantidad de símiles que encontramos entre el personaje de Bardem y el Joker de Nolan (Personalidad aparte). La diferencia está en la las limitaciones generadas por la coherencia de sus destinos.

¿Has visto James Bond y siempre te ha gustado? Entonces te gustará. Pero no esperes que sea mucho más que entretenida. Un 6.4

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  • Valentin (miércoles, 26. marzo 2014 09:14)

    No more shaken not strerid in Bond movies, starting with SKYFALL. Have seen pretty much all of them, liked every single one although Colin I don't believe makes the Best Bond even though he does an
    admirable job. LOVERianbowRaySharing is scaring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is livingStill BELIEVING in MIRACLES (Fiona and me) and in the KINDNESS of STRANGERS

  • (jueves, 27. marzo 2014 12:20)

    You see, when a lot of us set out to see a Bond movie, we do not want to see just another Action movie. Bond is no Jason Statham and a Bond movie is not Expendables.First, an issue close to my heart.
    The Bond Girl. Who was the Bond girl? A woman who was just a sex slave for Bond? She get killed minutes later and Bond just looked on. Notice how he could have done his magic when he was handed the
    gun and the girl was alive.And then Naomi was useless after she shot Bond but someone somewhere taught: ‘Wait a minute, we have too keep Bond flirting. Lets bring her in every 10minutes to
    flirt’More importantly, the plot of the movie is too weak. First, list of agents and then somewhere in the movie, we forgot about the list and it became about protecting M. Let us just
    ignore that M could have been killed much earlier(Silva could have delayed bombing her office) but we had to wait till the end. I am not even going to try to fathom why Silva wanted capture.The most
    painful part about this movie for me is that the villain wanted Revenge on MI6 and on M and he got it. Please, I am really disturbed: How is this a success for Bond? This is even worse considering
    the fact that it was Bond who left a trail to his house. The entire operation was a failure if the villain got what we wanted. The Bond we know does not fail.The hero(Bond) is supposed to save the
    day. Guess what? The villain won. The hero is supposed to save the girl. Guess what the villain won again. The true hero of this movie is the villain and that is not how Bond plays.I ask you, take
    away the entire Bond branding and put a random action film guy in that James Bond role and see if you would have ever thought of this as a Bond move.There are so many reasons I am still annoyed at
    this movie (Ineffective Q, No gadgets, Familiar situations, No gadgets, Meaningless ending, Did I say no gadgets?), but none of them outweighs the fact that I can get the time, money and energy I
    spent watching this movie back.

  • (sábado, 29. marzo 2014 21:22)

    I agree that a gondola turning into a car is not an everyday occurrence, but pigeons often do double-takes, especially when they see someone driving a gondola across St Marc’s Square.I will also
    concede that Craig may provide a more complex – and more plausible – character. And yes, you are right I haven’t read the books, I will bow to your knowledge of Fleming’s Bond. But if you are going
    to make the character more gritty and realistic, it is a bit incongruous to match this new grit with an incredible plot. Though I suppose my problem isn’t really the plot, but the lame motivation
    behind it.When Craig played the role of , he truly inspired compassion. I was thinking that rather than cutting away to Craig’s recuperation on some stereotypical ‘exotic’ island, with lots of rum
    and louche women, they should maintain the gritty realism you prefer and cut to him recuperating on a Yorkshire terrace with Elaine Figgis – a Bond girl of our times, more Marks and Spencer than
    Dolce and Gabbana, but with a certain inner strength. Like when Casablanca (1941) cuts back to happier times in Paris, we can see Daniel and Elaine enjoying their camping holiday in the Yorkshire
    Dales, Sam Mendes has clearly missed a trick here, the chance to get some Bogart and Bergman chemistry on the screen. Just as Bogart escapes Paris and retreats, cynical and hurt, to running a gin
    joint in Casablanca, so Daniel Craig returns to the secret service and, as we know from Casablanca, we can never really recapture love lost, but we can bravely look forward to a new dawn. Personally,
    I think this would work.As a reconciliatory gesture for the hard-nosed businessmen behind film-making, may I suggest that when you lose your sponsors with this new plot, you find new backers in
    Newcastle Brown Ale and Daddies Sauce. Frankly, Newcy Brown may not be nectar, but it does have a hell of a lot more taste than a can of Heineken.Mendes has missed out on the opportunity to raise
    Bond to movie greatness. He has fallen between two stools – he had a choice between a real, a gritty, a more realistic Bond, with true passion flowing through his veins or the escapist,
    debonair Bond of Moore. This was neither.

  • (lunes, 31. marzo 2014 16:55)

    And another thing, they paid their money, and they got Albert Finney – we all need to pay our bills, but what a waste. This is the man who immortalized Daddy Warbucks and Scrooge in musical form,
    couldn’t they have thrown in a few songs or at the very least a decent script? While he played his role with pleasant exaggeration, so that an American audience might know that he was Scottish and
    still be able to understand him, it wasn’t hammed up in the glorious way it would have been back in the day.Audiences loved Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire movies during the 1930s because they
    offered an escape from economic woes, and Roger Moore took us away from the 70s, the UK, general strikes, work-to-rule and Harold Wilson. It was a time when Bond meant expressos (whatever they were)
    on Italian piazzas and the French Riviera, swiftly followed by some skiing in Gstaad. A time when joining the Common Market was an exciting prospect and not an endless budget negotiation. It was also
    a time when very few people had set foot in Spain, when spaghetti bolognese was exotic and when the Eurovision contest was a serious competition likely to attract talent such as Abba, and not
    Jedward. This was an insular Bond – other than some rehab on an exotic island, a trip to Macau and some god-forsaken isle, it was not an international Bond. I realise that with the
    euro’s current woes, Italian piazzas and the French Riviera don’t have the same allure but still, a bit more international glamour, please. We can turn to Hanneke and Loach and Leigh when
    we want a reflection of the human condition, for Bond we want complete escapism. I mean, look at Javier Bardem in his rather scruffy ‘lair’. Anyone who knows their Bond knows that
    Bond villains are fastidious, they like to keep a clean house and a lot of loose women, preferably sporting bikinis and Berettas. Is this economic crisis not deep enough for these producers? I’m
    sorry Mr Mendes, we don’t want Beckett or Bergman, we want Bond. To conclude with an earlier analogy: ‘No buts, it’s got to be butter!’

  • (martes, 01. abril 2014 12:29)

    that your knowledge of dairy products far exceeds your understanding of Bond. Am I right in assuming that you have not in fact read a single word of Ian Fleming’s original novels and short
    stories? Thought so, because, if you had, you would understand just how close Craig’s performance (and the relationship that he shares with M, male or female) is to Fleming’s
    original vision. It may not matter to you, too busy swooning over Roger ‘Show me pain, Roger! (raises eyebrow)’ Moore, that this ‘great’ actor was in fact
    nothing (apart from in a few choice moments, such as in For Your Eyes Only (1981)) but a fun pastiche of the original character, but for this reviewer, who grew up with (and enjoyed, to be fair) all
    the films as a child before coming to a better understanding of Bond via the books, it is simply essential that Craig’s take is the template for how the character should be played, from
    here to eternity.As I have written previously (quite brilliantly, I think ), this Bond is witty but merciless, cavalier, haunted and scarred and, just like the Bond of the books, he has turned to the
    bottle to quell his inner demons. As I have previously said, being a professional assassin is really not a very nice line of work, and no amount of raised eyebrows, gondolas turning into cars or
    pigeons doing double-takes (both Moonraker (1979)) should convince audiences otherwise. I do understand why you might hark back to the crowd-pleasing innocence of the Moore era, but that was a long
    time ago.

  • (viernes, 04. abril 2014 21:14)

    I realize I'm the odd man out here, but this post left a bad taste in my mouth.I don't know what book or author you're referring to, but it would probably be fairly easy to
    narrow it down by going through Publisher's Marketplace. Which is exactly why this post seems ill-conceived to me. There are many agented and/or published authors who read your blog
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    was going to pass. I'm not sure if I can articulate to you how much it messes with your writerly confidence to get two big thumbs up from one major agent and then two huge thumbs down from
    another. Especially with a comment that gives me nothing to work with. All I can do is proceed with the one person who believes in my book and hope that they're right. I'm sure this
    author did the same thing and lo and behold, it didn't work out too well. My heart goes out to them. It's tough to fail on a large scale when you've invested months or even
    years into that project.I'm surprised that your very public response to that author's predicament isn't one of compassion instead of "I told you so". As so
    many agents are fond of constantly reminding us authors - this is a small business. Authors do change agents, and while some writers here obviously appreciate the glimpse into the "mind of
    an agent", there are others like myself who are very aware that an agent's job is to represent their clients and a petty post like this does a poor job of that. You could have very
    easily ranted about publishers caving to trends without skewering this unnamed author.And to everyone else who has commented, wishing they could know which author and which book - why? Why do you
    want to gloat over s

  • (lunes, 07. abril 2014 16:47)

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  • (jueves, 10. abril 2014 17:07)

    I know Doug.:D And as ever another great story.When it comes to British stars the UK can be pretty funny about them. Here in the UK our screen stars have never been given as much acclaim or respect
    as our theatre stars. Sadly I think it’s a British class thing for example our two biggest film stars are probably Sean Connery and Michael Caine both working class yet they were pensioners
    before they received proper recognition in the form of awards or ‘Knighthoods’ in this country.The likes of Olivier and Gielgud were recognised much earlier in their careers and
    are held in far higher esteem. As is Sir Ian McKellern and Sir Derek Jacobi.It has slightly changed now but I think it’s an interesting insight into our country. Especially when you
    consider Richard Burton and Richard Harris were never formerly recognised while Skyfall’s Albert Finney turned down a Knighthood in 2000 criticising the snobbery of the honours system.As
    for me I hold all of the above names in the most highest of esteem.

  • (domingo, 13. abril 2014 14:35)

    I really dug this movie. That being said, I thought a massive hole in the plot was Bardem’s Silva being captured by allowing Bond to keep his tiny radio transmitter. It was just in his
    pocket! It wasn’t even implanted in him or something cool… this guy was a technological genius. I realize that it was another ‘old ways are best’ type
    message… but he seriously didn’t even search the guy? This evil genius living on his secluded island? I have to say, that should have raised a few flags for MI6. I thought that
    was the biggest nod to Nolan’s Dark Knight, as you mentioned Daniel… reminiscent of the Joker allowing himself to be captured so that he could sabotage the Gotham Police from the
    inside. In fact, I thought it was more a rip off than a nod. Just kind of lazy. That aside, the movie was great, beautifully shot as you said, and the action was tremendous. Ralph Fiennes is a great
    choice to play the new M as well. He needs some steady cheques now that Voldemort is in the can.

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